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Dhamaal 2 Hindi Movie 3gp Free Download Walymarg

Dhamaal movie. (2:7:16 min). Actress: Dina Pathak. Director: Sanjay Dutt. Release Date: 2007. On the edge of town, two boys — Neeraj (Arshad Warsi) and Farhaad (Dhruv Datt)— argue over women. Farhaad asks Neeraj to take care of his sister. Neeraj gets angry at Farhaad and tells him to stay away from his sister. The two rivals are friends, but Farhaad must have said something to Neeraj because the next day, Neeraj appears outside Farhaad’s house to tell him that he knows he loves Neeraj’s sister, Nargis (Dina Pathak), and wants to marry her. Farhaad wants to marry her, too, but his parents think he is too young. Farhaad’s father says he should first take care of his studies and his sister. Farhaad tells his father that he will leave the house once he gets married. Neeraj encourages Farhaad to move out of his house, but Farhaad tells him to let him live there, where he will surely find his happiness. Farhaad then asks Neeraj to help him find an apartment. Neeraj invites his friend, a girl-crazy Hindu man named Laxman, to help Farhaad find an apartment. Laxman and Farhaad agree to meet at the shop where Farhaad works. Farhaad tells Neeraj that he has got a flat for his brother’s wife, but Neeraj promises that he will not tell anyone. Farhaad tells Neeraj that he will pay the rent and electricity bill if Neeraj will help him find a job, too. After a few days, Laxman returns with the keys to the apartment, but the family has moved in. Farhaad wants to find a job for Neeraj and asks Laxman to help. Laxman tells Neeraj that he should find a job and earn some money to help his brother and sister live in the new apartment. Neeraj tells his friend to forget about getting a job and says that he will look for a job. Laxman tells Neeraj that he should look for work in an office because he is too young to work in a factory. The next day, Neeraj enters an

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